The following are testimonials from some of our students and clients.

I took the beginner course in April 2012 in order to become better familiarized with concealed carry laws and standard procedures, as well as to help improve my skills with a pistol. All of this and much more was covered. My experience was that Kerry and Thad both knew a very large amount of highly useful information that they were more than willing to pass on to their students. The classroom time, though slightly longer than anticipated, was highly informative, the range time was very educational but still made to be fun. To this day I still remember all four rules of gun safety, I am a far more accurate shot with both my Springfield 9mm and my Walther P22, and every other pistol I've picked up, and I'm also considering taking the advanced course as it sounds like it would be highly entertaining and would vastly increase my skill in handling a concealed weapon.

I'd like to give this course with Kerry and Thad a huge recommendation for anyone wanting to know more about gun safety, wanting to increase accuracy, or even just wanting their license for concealed carry. You will absolutely get more than you assumed possible.


I've been shooting for†almost 20 years but we just don't know what we don't know.†Watchmen training gave me the foundation I didn't know I was missing. I will be back for more.

From the practical to the tactical, Mr. LaFramboise knows his stuff and how to share that knowledge. Great teacher. Now, if I can just get my wife to take the class....

...both in the classroom and on the range the instruction was excellent.†Worth the while even if you don't need a CWP.

I already had my CWP but I took the class because¬†I was aware of Kerry's experience and competence as an instructor. Very satisfied. Changed my†carry thinking and habits. ...even made some hardware changes†as a result of what I learned. I highly recommend to anyone carrying, using, or working around guns.


I have had the pleasure of knowing and training with Kerry LaFramboise for more than 20 years. He is an outstanding instructor in a variety of subjects regarding the use of force. He is tactically and legally sound in his teachings and practices. Kerry is honest, reliable, and loyal to his students. If you should have an opportunity to receive instruction from this versatile, experienced, and knowledgeable trainer, seize the chance.

--Brett Reid, Veteran Law Enforcement Officer - 34 years, POST Certified Master Instructor - Idaho, Associate Professor of Law Enforcement

I have worked with the special operations community for over twenty years, in addition to working in multiple combat zones in the last 6 years as an operator and instructor of weapons and tactics. In all that time I have found very few instructors that have the innate talent that Kerry LaFramboise has. I have worked with kerry LaFramboise in his concealed weapons classes. He is without a doubt one of the premier instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His ability to tailor instruction to the individual or the group for the best results is educational to watch. When you see Mr. LaFramboise instruct the basic concealed weapons class and you see the understanding of the students, as well as their increase in ability to operate and shoot the weapons they are using it is remarkable. I have seen and instructed around the world and I personally feel that Kerry LaFramboise is one of the best instructors I have ever seen.

--Allen Woodside, CEO Paladin Solutions, Firearms Tactics Instructor

I have known Kerry for nearly 15 years. From being my mentor/supervisor during my internship at Probation and Parole, to my trainer through 2 different Law Enforcement academies, he has shown an excellent ability to communicate and train in a relational and effective manner. He has a high moral and ethical standard and does not deviate from it. He knows weapons and is able to teach effective tactics while emphasizing and stressing safety. Kerry likes to train and help people learn. He will actually listen to your questions and adjust his method to help relate the lessons to your need, instead of just teaching from a script. I would send anyone in my family to train with Kerry.

--Dan Drake