Concealed Weapons Classes

We offer classes for the Idaho Concealed Weapons permit. We go beyond what the state requires and give you practical defensive and tactical training with your firearm. We also teach basic marksmenship skills. At the end of our class most students are able to split a playing card set sideways in a target at 7 yards.

Kerry teaching tactical thinking in the classroom

Our classes are well suited to a wide age range. Whether you're an older person looking for better protection.....

Or a young person who is looking to protect themselves in an increasingly violent world........

our classes will give you the skills and the mindset that will enable you to approach life with more confidence and security. In addition to that you will be able to apply for your Idaho Concealed Weapons License.

Personal Security

We offer a variety of classes focused in training you how to think and act strategically and safely to most security incidents that you will encounter. Our classes include basic self-defense, online security, and protecting yourself at home and in public.

Coming soon: We will be starting a basic self-defense course for women only. Stay tuned for details

Organizational Security

We offer a variety of classes and consulting services to help businesses develop great security training and practices.