Who We Are As a Company

"Watchmen are called to watch for danger and threats, warn those who are in danger, and protect those God has placed around them." This quote sums up very well our basic philosophy. We are committed to training as many people as are willing, to become watchmen in their daily lives. Whether that involves Concealed Weapons Training, or basic self-defense and fitness, our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to be one who is able to see danger coming, to warn those around them, and if necessary to be the person who stands in the gap and protects those around them.

We have had some people ask us why we chose a knight who is kneeling in prayer for our logo. After all, doesn't that seem a little weak? In reality, we believe that the most powerful position a real watchman can take is the position of dependence on God. When we realize that we are unable to do anything without God, we are at a place where we can allow His power to work through us. What is more powerful than Almighty God? You may not believe as we do, but the principle works regardless whether you believe it or not. That's the beauty of principles - like gravity, they don't change just because you don't believe them.

My dad was a Marine in the 60s. As he was going through the first day of bootcamp every recruit was asked whether their religious affiliation was Protestant, Jew, or Catholic. A small group refused the three choices and said they were atheist. A burly Drill Sargent pulled them all to the side and said, "Listen boys, when bullets are flying over your head you're not going to be praying to yourself. Now - Protestant, Jew, or Catholic?" It is amazing to me how many stories I've run across over the years of people who got into desperate situations and found that turning to God in prayer worked. I would challenge you to read a great book by Bill Gothard The Power of Crying Out. It's filled with stories of regular people who discovered that God really does answer prayer. You can argue with my facts and figures, but it's awfully hard to argue with someone's experience.

While we wholeheartedly believe that prayer during an urgent situation is a great thing, why not tap into that same power on a daily basis? I have found that the closer I get to God, the more alert I am to the people around me. It cultivates within me a sensitivity to the things that God is speaking, and He is always speaking - we just don't often listen. If he's interested in every area of my life, would He not also be always ready to warn me of impending danger? I have found this to be true in my life and I know of others who could tell you story after story where God spoke to them and kept them from danger. That's why we believe that the most critical position for a watchman to take is the position of humility before God in prayer.

If you have any questions on prayer or our philosophy, please feel free to contact us at our Comments email address and we'll be happy to talk with you further.

Kerry LaFramboise - CEO

"I enjoy training and have a passion for challenging my students to train at the highest levels of retention possible. Why settle for mediocre, status quo training that barely meets the minimum requirements and will be forgotten in less than a year, when you are capable of so much more."

Principle-Based training will take you to new levels of confidence and retention because principles do not change, even though techniques and programs are constantly changing. Master the fundamental principles and the rest will follow.

Kerry's experience includes:

Training Specialist at the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy

Training Specialist at the Idaho Department of Correction

Consulting and Contract Instructing

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Specialist at the Idaho Department of Correction

Probation and Parole Officer for the Idaho Department of Correction

Correctional Officer at the Idaho Department of Correction

Kerry's Skill's and Expertise:

Basic Handgun Instructor

Advanced Handgun Instructor

Arrest Control Tactics Instructor

Ethics Instructor

Effective Communications Instructor

Self Defense Instructor

Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor

Fitness Trainer

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Thad Butterworth - COO

I believe that people are the key to any good security approach. The best security system in the world will do no good if the people using it do not have a good security mindset. That's why I'm so passionate about training and about what we do here at Watchmen Inc. The more people we train to think in terms of security the less burden we place on Law Enforcement and the community.

Thad's experience includes:

Software/Firmware Testing with an emphasis on security

Developing Training programs for Software Testers in Corporate Environments

Developing Effective Security Training Programs

Consulting with SMBs on Security Issues

Designing Security for small events

Entrepreneurial Start Ups

Thad's Skills and Expertise:

Software/Firmware Testing and Training

Security Consulting

Developing Effective Security Training Programs

Cyber Security Testing

Business Development

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